Cindy Warnke Tutoring

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In the North Fulton, Forsyth and Dawson Counties
Alpharetta, Cumming and Dawsonville, Georgia Areas

Cindy Warnke specializes in filling the holes in your student’s math education.  She particularly enjoys teaching algebra and knows how to get the student ready for algebra.

Cindy has a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Georgia Tech.  This education helps her to know what math is really important and what is just busy-work.  Cindy uses a very straight forward approach with no fluff.  She believes there is enough real math to learn without cluttering things up with fluff and busy-work.  Her preferred student is one who has the flexibility to go back and fill in all the holes before proceeding.  This is very important as math education is very systematic and should be learned in a very specific order, building upon itself!  Two sessions per week is the minimum optimal.  This allows the student to progress at a reasonable pace. 

SAT and ACT prep, especially the math sections, is also available.

Please contact me for scheduling and pricing.

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