The mother of a long time student:

I wholeheartedly recommend Cindy Warnke as a math tutor.  I have known Cindy for four years.  She was my son’s primary math teacher throughout high school, instructing him Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and Pre calculus.  My son was very comfortable with Cindy.  He understood her explanations and became competent in each subject.  Although math had not been his favorite subject, he achieved good grades on tests, performed well on the SATs and was accepted at the college of his choice.  He gained confidence in his abilities and understanding.  Cindy’s strengths as a math teacher include:

  • A solid command of the subjects.  Cindy’s thorough understanding of math allows her to vary her approaches and presentations to meet her student’s needs. 
  • An ability to assess her students’ weaknesses and points of confusion.  Cindy will not proceed further with the curriculum until both she and her student are satisfied with the student’s understanding and performance.
  • Her commitment to her students and their families.  I always felt that Cindy was a partner in our efforts to homeschool my son.  I always felt that I could have open and candid conversations with her about my son’s progress.  She was also flexible and easy to work with.  

Another Mom:

I feel so blessed to have found Cindy.  I was looking for a tutor for my son that would really work with him and teach him math.  She has made sure that my son really “gets it” and understands the fundamentals.  He now feels more confident in his ability to do math.  Cindy is very patient and explained math in such a way that he no longer feels intimidated by it.

Student: (age 13)

Cindy is one of the best (if not the best) tutors I’ve ever had.  She’s patient and explains everything thoroughly with lots of instruction.  Math used to be so hard to me and now I’m having little to no problems.

An Adult College Student:

As an adult in my mid thirties with a family it has been difficult to return to school.  Math has been the most difficult subject to pass in college.  I am relieved that I found Cindy to tutor me in a subject she finds as second nature.  The 1 hour tutoring session was held in a very comfortable environment with Cindy applying all of her knowledge and attention to my needs.  I was extremely pleased with her simplified form of explaining Algebra that made me understand.  I will make sure to spread the word in my school community about Cindy for those that have been struggling with the concept of Math.  She is exceptionally great at what she does .


“I passed the test and now I can go to the 7th grade!”


“I had a math test yesterday on a different lesson and I got it back today.  Guess what I made?  A 100!  Thanks soo much for your help. :)”


“(name withheld) got a 100!! It counted as two test grades too.  Pulled his grade up to 77 from 70.”